Terms Of Service For Rent to Own / Buy a Drop Servicing Website

Rent To Own A Drop Servicing Agency option, allows you to Start Your Own Online Agency Right Away. No need for a big budget or a long wait! The first step towards remote life is here and we believe you will love it!

What options we offer:

1. Buy A Copy Agency

You buy a copy of an already existing Drop Servicing Agency Website, including the theme, structure, service descriptions, package options, payment gateways set up, plugins, etc. Your agency is 100% ready for you to start working, marketing, and to get sales. It takes less than 1 week from the purchase date to get your copy.

2. Rent To Own An Agency

You get the Drop Servicing Agency as if you had bought it outright today, for the same price, but on a payment plan! You rent the Drop Servicing Agency for 4 months at a time, and after 3 consecutive payments, it is yours!

3. Installation Package

Your purchases is including the Installation Package, you will be contacted by a personal support manager. This dedicated team member will get in touch with you within 24 hours after the purchase (if you placed the order on Saturday or Sunday, your manager will contact you on Monday).

Your personal manager will install everything by themselves, it will inform you when is done, Useally all the processes need 5 to 7 days.

The Installation Package includes:

1) Your manager will find the best domain name for your niche;

2) Setting a stable hosting for one year and optimizing it for your drop servicing website; (Upon renting the website, access to the cPanel will not be granted until full payment is received. Only a dashboard for sales and reports will be available through the front end. Once payment is made in full, all limitations will be lifted. )

3) Installing WordPress;

4) Setting your website on the hosting server;

5) Set up services links in your services from the original site to your copied version;

6) Creating default pages;

7) Configuring an email service;

8) Creating a business-branded email address;

9) Connecting a payment gateway (you need to be registered and approved by a payment processing company beforehand);

10) Editing a logo for your new domain


Main Services & Tools


You will be provided with the WooCommerce Plugin. With the plugin, your website gets all the features you need to run and manage a fully-functional online website.


You will be provided with the Astra or Essential theme depending on your package, which is compatible with the wooCommerce plugin. This theme defines the appearance of your store, makes it SEO-friendly, and is optimized for both mobile devices and desktop PCs.

Domain Name

The domain name is only included with the purchase of the Installation Package. All the domain names we offer are brand new and located in the .com .shop/store zone. We buy a domain for you. If the price of the domain exceeds $5, you will need to buy it by yourself.

Please note that you’ll need to renew your domain in 1 year from date of website handover. If you decide to change the domain name anytime after the confirmation, there will be an additional service charge.


Hosting is included in all packages options, paid in full and renting options.

Paid in Full- 1 year
Rent to own- as long as you rent

After 1 year, you will need to renew your Domain and Hosting. Around U.S. $100 a year.


The same design elements as the original premium website whose copy you are purchasing but with a new logo and domain name. The logo is chosen by us. If you wish to choose your own logo, please contact us with a description and to find out the additional cost.

The structure of the template is not changeable and there is no compatibility with third-party themes.

Variety of Services and a  Reliable Drop Servicing Supplier

When renting or buying a Drop Servicing Agency Website from us, you always have the option to use us as your supplier. You will never be left with an order that can not be delivered.

Payment Gateways

There are 2 options to accept buyers’ payments: PayPal and credit/debit cards. To connect PayPal to your website, you will need to have or make a PayPal account. If you want to accept credit cards on your site, you will need to be registered and approved by an online payment processing service. We recommend using Stripe since it is secure, popular, and commonly used (if it is not supported in your country, contact us to see if we can find a solution). 

Business-Branded Email & Contact Information

We will create a business-branded email for you (support@yourdomain.com) and provide you with the access details. The email address will be added to your website so your potential clients can contact you. 

Automatic Mailing Service

We will configure the required settings so certain emails are sent automatically.

Automatic Notifications will be sent to when:

• An email sent to a customer once an order has been placed and paid for on your Drop Servicing website, ensuring the customer that the order was in fact received.

• An email sent to Drop Servicing Website Agency Owner when a Contact form has been filled out by someone on the website.

Will be configured using cPanel software.

Abandoned Cart

We will set up an Abandoned Cart feature so that if for some reason, a customer starts to fill out the payment details, but does not complete the purchase, 3 catchy emails will be automatically sent to them after 3 hours, 1 day, and 3 days, with reminders that they wanted to buy something and maybe forgot. This works very well in bringing customers back to complete their purchases.


Absolutely No Refunds on Any Projects or Purchases! Cmon now! We explain very clearly exactly what you get with each option and package. Please read and understand all details before purchasing. If you are worried, Rent an Agency and try it out first.

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